Dog of the Day – Lucy Molony

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Lucy was born during the spring of 2007 in the sleepy suburban community of Mt. Pleasant SC.  The second smallest of a litter of seven Border Collies, Lucy spent her formative years in the South Milledge district of Athens GA.  It was there that her first encounter with a flying disc occurred.  Since then, this dog has eaten, slept, and drunk Frisbee.  Having conquered the Davis Street circuit, Lucy elected to relocate to her original stomping grounds, Charleston SC, where she knew legitimate competition would await.  She was not disappointed.  All disc-related activities are currently on hiatus while her owner is in South America, but look for a strong comeback at Charleston’s Horse Lot field this summer…

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Picture of the day

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Ike is the man

Two Fresh – Air Mail

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These two dudes deserve a listen. They have just released their sophomore album Air Mail. If you like sweet beats, womp and general shinnanigans you will dig it. Please download and pass to the left.

Download: Two Fresh – Air Mail


I’m Bored – Here are some tunes

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Disco Bicuits – Caves of the

Phish – Makisupa Policeman

STS9 – Firewall

Picture of the day

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If I was Charlie Sheen…

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Oh Wild Thing, what have you gotten yourself into this time? Porn stars living with you and your kids, mountains of cocaine and crack, 36hour benders and now non-stop interviews to try to get your TV show back and prove you are sober. What happened to the days of Indians baseball and that rad zig-zag haircut? You sir, have placed yourself in quite the predicament.

If I were Charlie Sheen I would do things differently. I would sell the mansion, cars and all of the remaining drugs. Call up Richard Branson and see if I can purchase a section of Necker Island.

My next move would be to trade in the porn stars for 2-3 loyal dogs and enough dog food to keep them happy for a few years. I would pack 1 duffel bag with t-shirts, bathing suits and a pair of aqua socks. People often forget the versatility of aqua socks. Not only can they be worn in and around the ocean, but they can also be used to spice up a nice pair of slacks and a polo.

After getting my bags packed and the private jet fueled up, I would make sure to call Terrapin, Sweetwater and New Belgium. I would have them air drop at least 2-3 kegs each per month.  Tap handles would be found strategically placed throughout the island. The beer would be flowing like the salmon of Capirstrana. Upon my arrival I would send out a tweet that said “Charlie Sheen came, he saw, he conquered” never to be seen again.

February Fail Compilation

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