Final Post – Summer Stank Mix 1

It’s been a great run, thanks for all of the support over the past year +. That being said, it is time for me to move on from DFS. I leave you with one more mix to start your summer off on the fresh foot. Siyanara Fatsakers, it’s been real.

Summer Stank Mix 1 Download Link – Click Here


The Last Dog of the Day – Rigsby Salvador Norwood

Rigsby AKA Mr. Rigs-A-Marow AKA Inspector Rigs was rescued from Ft. Collins over a year ago. He is a Rot, German Shepard, Dogo and about 40 other breeds. He enjoys playing with his best bud Grommit and ramming his head through sliding glass doors. When he is not tearing up dog beds he is busy inspecting the back yard. He has been the perfect addition to the Norwood crew. Here is to all of the dogs of the day! Woof Woof ya little monsters.

Last Picture of the Day

~ by daddyfatsak on May 20, 2011.

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